Combined fuel consumption (NEDC)

Between 9,9 km/l and 21,3 km /l


Combined CO2 emissions (WLTP)

Between 130g/km and 177g/km

PEUGEOT Partner | the commercial van from PEUGEOT

Backed by more than 20 years of being put to the test by the pros with a level of quality that is a benchmark on the market, the latest generation of PEUGEOT Partners offers a level of comfort and convenience that's unprecedented in the commercial vehicle segment with the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®.


Be it self-employed professionals or fleet managers, all professions have their own set of requirements. In order to satisfy your specific needs and uses, the PEUGEOT Partner is available in multiple versions: Asphalt, Grip and Crew van.


The PEUGEOT Partner is available in L1 and L2 versions to meet the needs of all professionals!



The PEUGEOT PARTNER has been designed to offer maximum and foolproof functionality with:


  • the STANDARD version with a length of 4.4 m, guaranteeing an optimised load length of 1.81 m. This length allows the loading of 2 Euro pallets for volume ranging from 3.3 m3 to 3.8 m3 depending on the version.


  • the LONG version,  which offers optimised capacity by extending over 4.75 m (+35 cm). It has a load length of 2.16 m and a load volume of between 3.9 m3 and 4.4 m3.


Designed on a variation of the EMP2 platform, the PEUGEOT PARTNER makes manoeuvring easier thanks to its short overhangs and short turning circle:  the turning diameter between kerbs is only 10.82 m for the STANDARD version and 11.43 m for the LONG version.


Be it the STANDARD or LONG body, the payload can range from 650 kg to 1,000 kg depending on the version.  You can take advantage of the Loading Pack* to combine enhanced cargo area lighting with up to 10 lashing rings.


Pour la première fois sur un véhicule utilitaire, bénéficiez de série du PEUGEOT i-COCKPIT®  : un design moderne associant un volant compact, un combiné tête haute et un grand écran tactile capacitif 8'' vous apportant une grande maniabilité et un réel agrément grâce à l’ergonomie de la position de conduite inédite dans le segment.

Le regard est immédiatement capté par la planche de bord du PEUGEOT PARTNER et son PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®.
Tout se trouve à portée de main pour une plus grande concentration et procurer une conduite dynamique et intuitive grâce au volant compact à double méplats. Le combiné tête haute dans le champ de vision du conducteur permet de lire les informations essentielles sans quitter la route des yeux pour toujours plus de sécurité et de confort. L'écran tactile capacitif 8‘’, au centre du tableau de bord et orienté vers le conducteur, offre un accès direct aux principales fonctions: radio, navigation, paramètres véhicule, téléphone…


A full range of conversions is available in a variety of sturdy and functional options via our coachbuilder partners.


This efficient base enables our specialist coachbuilder partners to adapt the vehicle to the needs of an increasingly specialised clientele.


Whether you are a plumber, florist, caterer or delivery person: the PEUGEOT PARTNER has an option adapted to each professional category.


The PEUGEOT Partner has been designed to meet the needs of professionals, particularly in terms of optimising the total cost of ownership. PEUGEOT has mobilised its experts to maximise the design excellence, quality of finish and durability of the van in order to maximise its resale value.


Similarly, the equipment and powertrains have been selected with great care to minimise routine maintenance costs and consumption.

*Due to global semi-conductor supply shortages, vehicles may not have some features mentioned prior. Please reach out to your local Peugeot dealer to confirm vehicle specifications prior to purchase.